Nepali & non nepali in france declared to support by €12,569.00

Words can not express our sadness that is brought up on 25th April 2015. Earthquake stroked our motherland and shocked all of us. We are all saddened by the devastation, suffering and hardship by this unprecedented earthquake in our country.
Our heartfelt condolence to all victims, Prayers for quick and sound recovery to injured, Wishing peace to bring comfort , Courage to face the days ahead to all Nepalese.
Our motherland is really in need. We are all heartbroken. Let’s hand in hand to bring up our motherland from this catastrophe.
The appeal is a tangible way of giving much needed assistance, « Any assistance we can provide is important ». So, our heartily invoke to all Nepalese to support as much as you can.
Please for easy access to executive NRNA France:

Mr Poudel President
Mr Hamal vice-president
Mr wagle général secrétaire
Mr shahi treasurer

Progressive attempt of this Appeal till now:


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